Royalty Publications, LLC
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Who Are We?

Established in 2003, Royalty Publications, LLC (formerly KNB Publications, LLC) is an award-winning specialized self-publishing ministry that has produced the works of dozens of new and noted authors. In 2013, when its founder, national bestselling author, Kendra Norman (Founder, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief) made the decision to take full charge of her own literary career, the business of Royalty Publications, LLC was redirected so that its primary purpose became to produce and promote books written by Kendra; however, a limited number of other authors are still published through this unique company annually. 

It is important to note that the business of Royalty Publications, LLC reaches far beyond the production of books.

In an effort to educate talented, hopeful writers, Royalty Publications, LLC also offers The Writer's Cocoon, its signature 4-part intensive interactive writer's bootcamp. By way of The Writer's Cocoon, Kendra has shared her literary education and experiences with thousands of aspiring writers across the globe. Additionally, Royalty Publications, LLC spearheads M-PACT Writers, a national fellowship and accountability group for writers who are serious about their craft. Members of this specialized group are largely people who have gone through The Writer's Cocoon boot camp and desire to remain in connection with Kendra for ongoing direction and support as they continue their literary quests.

We also offer content editing, manuscript critiquing, proofreading, mentoring, and coaching services... even if your work isn't published through us!

Please feel free to browse the full website for more information regarding this "books and beyond" ministry.